Fat Oinkers 2021

Created By: Mike He

19 members

Group Website: profundobaso@gmail.com

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
I T H D , ithd 150 Lakers View
Win x 2 , Jason He 100 Lakers View
Real Bracket, Eggs Benedict 95 Lakers View
Let the process be complete finally, Benjamin Franklin Karabasz 95 76ers View
Kimchi Pork, Michael Seung 95 Nets View
Pork Kimchi, Michael Seung 95 Lakers View
Knicks All The Way! (lol), Julian Vleeschhouwer 90 Knicks View
The Disney Timeline, Eggs Benedict 85 Lakers View
Win, Jason He 85 Lakers View
Dream Bracket, dreamxjei 85 Nets View
Oinky Oinky, Mike He 65 Lakers View
Knicks For One Round, Julian Vleeschhouwer 60 76ers View
Grizzlies why :'(, William 55 Nets View
Fun Oinky, Mike He 55 76ers View
Winless Warriors, Bill Yu 55 Lakers View
Vegas Fun Oinky, Mike He 50 76ers View
The YOLO Bracket, Willis 50 Lakers View
The Real Bracket, Willis 45 Lakers View
Pure RNG Bracket, Eggs Benedict 40 Knicks View