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Entry, Owner Score Champion
I want a earned Middleton jersey, Diogo Teixeira 305 Bucks View
Dear The Feer Antilumpo, Vasilis Katsaros 300 Bucks View
x7dan, Dan DeBiaso 250 Bucks View
ShrugsNOTDrugs gobucksfearthedeer, Erik 215 Bucks View
Fear the Deer we are the Deer, Matt Willis 210 Bucks View
brok cam, cedomi14 175 Nets View
DBook, DA & CP3 win the chip, Chef Hsieh 155 Suns View
Load Management, LoadManagement 150 Nets View
Good Brcaket, Westbrook Is GOAT 120 76ers View
BKN Nets, Eminus Sleepus 120 Nets View
yup, kai2296 120 Lakers View
Seanski, kenyhigs 115 Nets View
Some upsets, some surprises, 001011010 105 Nets View
Xpert Picks, Xpert Analyst 100 Nets View
Babba's Nose Picks, Babbabooie 95 Nets View
Rip City Madness, Zach 95 76ers View
acjb, Andrew B 85 Nets View
Debesmanna, Zanis Stienis 80 Nets View
Spot3202, spot3202 75 Nets View
Travis Kriens, Travis Kriens 75 Nets View
The Bob Factor, Bobby Leo 70 76ers View
Jonah, Jonah Duncan 40 Nets View