Marv Albert Biting Victims Fund


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If you or a loved one experienced oral trauma from TNT’s elder NBA broadcaster, deposit $30 for a chance to win much more.

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Blanket Marjanović, Jesse Mandell-McClinton 240 Bucks View
3rd place is the most honorable place, Arthur 145 Nets View
Trickle-down processnomics, Will Bouman 135 Nets View, Arlie 125 Jazz View
Eat. My. Ass., Andrew Ransom Brasher 115 Nets View
Regular Season Triple Butthole Average, PHENTLEMAN 100 Clippers View
Gary Busey , Cuz I’m runnin dis 90 Nets View
kevin durant turnip accounts, double dip brent 80 Nets View
Grant Cook deserved to lose in the finals, TandX 75 Nets View
Cheugy Hauser MD, josewails 70 Nets View
Marv owes me $30, Screenshooters 65 Lakers View
Bangers and Nash, Bangers and Nash 65 Nets View
Swiftly Stromile, Tyler O'Proxy 65 Lakers View
Kwame country as hell , Edwin Castillo 60 Lakers View
Malcolm Loggedon Loggedonovic, grant 55 Lakers View
Oddtoe, oddtoe 50 Nets View