Drorisrael For Shawarma 2021

Created By: Duncan Robinson

10 members

Group Website: brown4289@gmail.com


Entry, Owner Score Champion
Nadav for the win, Nadave 355 Bucks View
Bubs, Barak Sella 275 Bucks View
Anat, Anat Shavit 115 Clippers View
Schawarma revenge, amos 100 Nets View
Tamir is here, tamir yanay 80 Jazz View
Purple&Gold4Life, Kopol 75 Lakers View
The Stifle Tower, Gilad Perry 75 Jazz View
Go Spurs, Duncan Robinson 60 Jazz View
DVardi, Dan Vardi 55 Lakers View
Tamid amart sheze olam meshugah, nadav argov 55 Nets View