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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Luka fmvp, Amit levanon 255 Bucks View
itay, itay 165 76ers View
Tal Harel, Tal Harel 105 Clippers View
elad1, bogochover 100 Jazz View
i hate kyrie, דרור 100 Nets View
alon1, Alon 90 76ers View
vladi, vladi kogan 85 Nets View
The worst bracket by Refe Havana, Trailblazer 70 Nets View
Saar, Saar Bara'am 65 Nets View
Dov, דוב קופרשטוק 65 Nets View
GO MIN, Dor Bitton 60 Lakers View
The king , MBK 55 Lakers View