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Welcome to my socially distanced twitter friends' NBA Bracketology Group ! SVP rajoutez votre @twitter à votre nom afin de savoir qui est qui merci ;)


Entry, Owner Score Champion
B2B Bron Bron, Knaissi Bayrem 180 Lakers View
SUNburn season has started @MW_A, Wa!id 165 Jazz View
Jed, Jed ツ 165 Jazz View
LakeShow, Zied Jnb 160 Lakers View
Rami, ramirekik 110 Nets View
Houssem, Houssem 110 Lakers View
@hedi_nj, Hedi 100 Nets View
Netsin6, Sansa 100 Nets View
Back to back, mohamed guelbi 100 Lakers View
Mo_Habib, HabibZ 100 Nets View
Magon BC, Phyrace 80 Nets View
Stable ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, Cst 75 Lakers View
Tym's Bracket, Tayeb Methlouthy 65 Jazz View