Vol 9 gc predictions

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Akumposexual , Akumposexual 275 Bucks View
Swish _marier , Swish_marier 185 Lakers View
Groupchat predictions , Trae young 😩🥶 160 Nets View
Algarete , Los Vente Tu 125 Nets View
Cleveland , Juarlo 120 Nets View
The Valley, Khicks_11 115 Suns View
Embiid>Jokic, greg_._ward 115 76ers View
RJ GOAT, Randy 95 Nets View
j’den’s bracket 💆🏽‍♂️🛌, jden 85 Lakers View
Nets in 4, Jamal 85 Nets View
Gc predictions , Lee🎱 0 Not selected View
Jaysontatumburner🤰🏽, Knicks/Lakers/Nets fan👨🏾‍💻 0 Not selected View
Nick , Nick 🗿 - Suns Nuggets Jazz Clippers Warriors Grizzlies Spurs Mavs Blazers Nets Heat Bucks Sixers Knicks Hawks Celtics Wizards Pacers and Hornets fan 0 Not selected View