Picky Minaj

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Steve Kerfuffle, Steve Kerfuffle 90 Bucks View
diggin4wigginz, FlameBoyNation 85 Nets View
GS worriers, dave g 80 Lakers View
My son Ben Simmons, GP3 75 76ers View
Westbrooks Brothers’ Tailoring, Rob's Waivers Island 75 Nets View
paul_pierce_wheelchair.nft , Dan 70 Nets View
Nothing Easy! Game 7 Babyyyyyyyyy!, Louwill Lemon Peppers 70 Lakers View
R.i.p. Hamilton, Jonathan Pickleback 65 Nets View
And you will know us by our trail of Debt, Tim Van Excel Spreadsheet 65 Nets View
Alonzo, do I make you Mourny, baby, Kobe Dick 55 Nets View