Picky Minaj

Created By: Jonathan Pickleback

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Steve Kerfuffle, Steve Kerfuffle 230 Bucks View
diggin4wigginz, FlameBoyNation 125 Nets View
GS worriers, dave g 110 Lakers View
Westbrooks Brothers’ Tailoring, Rob's Waivers Island 105 Nets View
R.i.p. Hamilton, Jonathan Pickleback 95 Nets View
Nothing Easy! Game 7 Babyyyyyyyyy!, Louwill Lemon Peppers 90 Lakers View
Alonzo, do I make you Mourny, baby, Kobe Dick 85 Nets View
My son Ben Simmons, GP3 75 76ers View
paul_pierce_wheelchair.nft , Dan 70 Nets View
And you will know us by our trail of Debt, Tim Van Excel Spreadsheet 65 Nets View