Barbados Playoff Bracket

Created By: Nikhil

17 members

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Buck the Trend, iGas 300 Bucks View
Mack Estates, Brady Bunch 140 Lakers View
For the fun of it , Clipping Klaw 135 Clippers View
Lakers B2B #7, Short Boss 130 Lakers View
Grizz in 6, Doug 130 Nets View
Play-in, Navy 105 Nets View
Nik’s Bracket, Nikhil 100 76ers View
Run It Back, Manoj Karnani 100 Lakers View
Bhavs, Bhavesh 90 Lakers View
This so hard, WestBEAST 85 Clippers View
Mayhem Ballaz, MayhemBallaz 85 Clippers View
Kyrie On Baggage, Black Mamba 85 Nets View
Infinity War, Barry Taylor 75 Lakers View
$harkadamus, Shark 75 Nets View
Simple Simon, Phranque 70 Jazz View
Havoc, Havoc 55 Lakers View
Jubeedamus, Jubeedoo 45 Nets View