Above the Rim

Created By: Shenara

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Arm 2021, Armando 155 Nets View
Outlaw, Trick 125 Nets View
Bee318, Byron Gibson 115 Nets View
Fuller , Ricky Fuller 105 Nets View
Ant Bracket 2, Anthony 105 76ers View
Mr polo, Byron Gibson 100 Lakers View
Gettin Buckets , UnderDawgs 100 Nets View
Her-ricanes, Shenara 95 Nets View
Nothing But Nets, The Assassins 90 Nets View
K-Dogg, Kentrell Dabney 90 Lakers View
Blue jays , Alston Bynum 90 Nets View
Crooklyn , Treven Rankins 70 Nets View
Cutta bracket 1, King Cutta 60 Lakers View
Ant bracket, Anthony 60 Lakers View
Lake-Show, Coach K 55 Lakers View
Kj, Kyleigh12 45 Nets View