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Entry, Owner Score Champion
hugo, Hugo Brogt 115 Nets View
Brick lives matter, Joost Mens 105 Nets View
Brooklyn ftw, MvM 105 Nets View
KD’s nets, Marc 105 Nets View
Emmer , Keime Helfrich 95 Nets View
Magnum Opus, Incident 95 Lakers View
SJ, Sigo Jorissen 95 Nets View
Huh?, LiesdJ 95 Nets View
KD redemtion, Patrick Kaas 95 Nets View
NBMG60, NBMG 90 Clippers View
Snake Bracket, Metin Mohammed 90 Nets View
Fck the play in's #gsw , Timo Wonnink 85 Nets View
Playoff madness 2021, Tom Raijmakers 85 76ers View
The Joker, WesDRDT 85 Nuggets View
Nets in 6, DouweE 85 Nets View
Play-in Winner 7-Seed in 6, Nick Dijks 80 Lakers View
Colombiaan15, Dres Colombiaan 80 Nets View
Russell Goatbrook, Andy van Eck 75 Nets View
Philly cheese steak, Olivier Heidman 65 76ers View
😇👍, HeatNation 65 Lakers View
Ikdoeookmaarwat, Terry13 60 Nets View
Joefs bracket, Joeval Benjamins 60 Lakers View
Brooklyn All the way, Max Pikaar 55 Nets View
Laumol, Laumol 50 Lakers View
Jazzy nets, Dennis van der Graaf 50 Nets View