Challenge - $50 to the best bracket!

Created By: dumbmatter

212 members

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$50 goes to the winner. No entry fee. Email if you win, because I don't actually own this website, so otherwise I have no way to contact you :)

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
B, Bret Lex 380 Bucks View
tomer1, Tomer Levy 355 Bucks View
Bucks in 6, Aiden Streicher 345 Bucks View
I Believe, SamFuld 290 Bucks View
Perplexed-P, iJustWetMyPlants 290 Bucks View
The correct picks, Dash Kreizman 285 Bucks View
Surprise Winner, BracketMaster 275 Bucks View
Lastonepick, lastonepick 270 Bucks View
Ewing 2, Albert 260 Bucks View
Oh hell no, Ben Ellis 240 Bucks View
Am I crazy or...?, Ma Name's Jehff 240 Bucks View
bunta 2021, buntaga 235 Bucks View
gang gang, locked in pesky's basement 225 Bucks View
Alan's Bracket, Alan Nadeau the 3rd 220 Nets View
Giannis's Revenge, Jayson Tatum Supremacy 210 Lakers View
Eastwind , Eastwind 200 Suns View
BBGM, ClevelandFan 195 Bucks View
blv, jsjs0000 185 Lakers View
DaBears10 knows how to pick, DaBears10 180 Nets View
¯\_(ツ)_/¯, SweetReptile 175 Suns View
Paully T, Paul Thelen 175 Nets View
Revenge szn , Boris 170 Clippers View
Felix Weiby , Felix Weiby 170 Clippers View
SPELLstone, SPELLstone 165 Nets View
Suns all the way, BoogyWonderland 160 Suns View
Brooklyn Ball, BBGMfan 160 Nets View
back-to-back, jan-michael 160 Lakers View
Poopwalkingthunder, Poopwalkingthunder 160 76ers View
DBook, DA & CP3 win the chip, Chef Hsieh 155 Suns View
Fred, Phoenix 155 Grizzlies View
Sam, CHVBBS 155 Nets View
forget the narrative, Nic Dobson 155 Clippers View
Repeat from 7, LAtotheA 155 Lakers View
Playoffs, Ice Trae 150 Nets View
PhonixSuns2021, Rashad aka ReshZeSplesh 150 Lakers View
CalvinAndHobo, CalvinAndHobo 150 76ers View
ClipClops, Tranvir Singh 150 Clippers View
2021 FACTS, Skerven B 150 Lakers View
If Fun Was Allowed, Chris Eccles 145 Suns View
I LOVE KENNARD, roobied 140 Clippers View
Everybody...., iaa 140 76ers View
Brooooklyn, Robert Yastremski 140 Nets View
Dallas Fappericks, Iosif Bitsimis 140 Jazz View
ben arkans, Daniel Arkans 135 Suns View
Homer, LAtotheA 135 Lakers View
Unexpected win or Bust, Jake van Zijl 135 Suns View
Redux, Exlen 130 Suns View
my wish, JuraT 130 Jazz View
Uno, liverpoolclippers 130 Clippers View, dumbmatter 125 Nets View
Crazy but it just might work, Aalishan Jessani 125 Suns View
Jeff, JeffLoldee 125 Nets View
FOR THE WIN, yairski 125 Nets View
owen's bracket, owen 125 Nets View
Good Brcaket, Westbrook Is GOAT 120 76ers View
Etai's Bracket, EtaiE 120 Clippers View
makiki , makiki21 120 Nets View
Mae Dinah, rods1926 120 Clippers View
kelly ooh bae , Christopher Martinez 120 Clippers View
Scal, Brian Scalabrine 120 Nets View
1A, Logan Williams 115 Nets View
Yugoslavia, JosipBrozTito 115 Nets View
Your Girlfriend's Favorite Bracket , Pretty_Boy 110 Nuggets View
Roni M. - 1, RoniAM53 Bracket 110 Nuggets View
Kaledasm13, Kaledasm13 110 Nets View
HOF, Jaspar 110 76ers View
Immafortuneteller, RacoonRovers 110 Nets View
No Cap Bracket, Kaijie 110 Nets View
My Bracket., Okan 110 Nets View
Toppin Sympathizer, Dănuț 105 Clippers View
Tony, Gluecows 105 Nets View
Jeff’s Best Bracket, Jeffrey Chen 105 Clippers View
Raul arce, Raúl arce 105 Nets View
maybe, I'm Just Provolone 105 Nets View
bracket, SSkinnySamurai 105 Nets View
JimJason, Ilan 105 Nets View
NETS, Zbuckets 105 Nets View
slammo96, oliver cutler 105 Clippers View
Jerson, Jerson 105 Nets View
3VFL, DonNelson 105 Nets View
First Thoughts, Adrià Arbués Sangüesa 105 Nets View
Borkow, Sean B 105 76ers View
The Perfect Bracket, Solentos 105 Lakers View
Just sum BS, LAtotheA 105 Nets View
Spencer's rack, Spencer Esterson 105 Nets View
No Comment, Max Eisenberg 100 Nets View
west_is_stacked, Tomin 100 Nets View
netsvlakers, uone 100 Nets View
Stanners Bracket, Stanners 100 76ers View
🔴 Process or Die 7️⃣6️⃣, John Holden 100 76ers View
Jayson Tatum is the all-time single-game pts leader in play-in games, Jonty Costello 100 Nets View
Xpert Picks, Xpert Analyst 100 Nets View
version twoo, epembeats 100 Clippers View
Ali Ahmadi, Ali Ahmadi 100 Lakers View
I am sure we can, Edo 100 Lakers View
bracket 2, Dely Dániel 100 Lakers View
giggi, Giacomo Boezi 100 Lakers View
Grateful Dad, Steve 100 Nets View
Grateful Dad alt, Steve 100 Clippers View
Real one , gabe02 100 Nets View
Ran-dumb Bracket, Ran-dumb_Person 100 Nets View
the answer key, Scalabrine 100 Clippers View
First one, JT+JB 100 Nets View
RuotNiqqa Bracket, THEGOATOFBRACKETS 100 Nets View
Kawhi Leonard., Save The Meat Duck 100 Clippers View
Busted Lakers, Takis 21 100 Lakers View
;pbojbj, Tyler A Holmes 100 Heat View
Del Thunder toda la vida, Rodrigo 95 Nets View
alphy-delphia unbiased, alphy 95 76ers View
Greatest Bracket of all time, ˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞El Turks Jr. 95 Nets View
Cumlicker, JEsus 95 Nets View
The best 1, Gpt 95 Lakers View
Fearless Brickers, Fearless Brickers 95 Nets View
QUIZstone, SPELLstone 95 76ers View
NugsWin970, ChipmunkOutside443 95 Nuggets View
too big too fast too strong, jason 95 Lakers View
Ofir_GSG, Ofir 95 Nets View
!, Bogdan 95 Nets View
Max Arkans, Daniel Arkans 95 76ers View
How can I doubt the King, JV Dave 95 Lakers View
Mickey Mouse Championship, Prabhjot S Bains 95 Nets View
Fuck, Nigga! Damn!, RaynMaker99 95 Clippers View
Chentradamus Picks, Steven Chen 95 Nets View
Westbrook's Revenge, Alex Chalupka PRO 90 Nets View
Buckets, Pupppy 90 76ers View
book it, Bangers 90 Nets View
sLACking, Theo Ratliff's Expiring Contract 90 Clippers View
oh, Your God 90 Nets View
G-Man's bracket, G-Man 90 Clippers View
lucky guessing?, dameatofdavoid 90 Lakers View
DraymondGreenBean, neilganguly 90 Nets View
LOL, clam adebayo 90 Lakers View
EZ PZ, João Ramos 85 Lakers View
W’s only , lauren 85 Nets View
2021 playoffs, Caleb h 85 Nets View
LG, LG 85 Nets View
Screw Lebron, KP17 85 Nets View
BbGM, Slowgie 85 Lakers View
Blazer? I barely even knew her, DameIsMyFirstHusband 85 76ers View
First Pick , Anony0211 85 Nets View
l, m0rr0w 85 Nuggets View
bdl12, Bobby D. Lewis 85 76ers View
Lebronsthegoat, BracketGod 85 Lakers View
Anti Nets Lakers Bracket, Chris Eccles 80 Jazz View
Pandemic of 3-pointers, Nathan Verney 80 Nets View
Exodus represent , Kevin P. 80 Nets View
epembeats, epembeats 80 Lakers View
lakers baby!!!, Koal 80 Lakers View
GM Bracket , UAhmed 80 Nets View
Thedoggo, Eldoggo 80 Lakers View
fuck the bucks, FMG 80 Nets View
VermontMtl, VermontMtl 80 Nets View
I shot at the middle one, aman 80 Nets View
Exciting but boring, GradyMcTracy 80 Nets View
*Earth Is Flat FTW*, Daniel Enerly Selstad 80 Nets View
Noo Yawk Knyx, Steve 80 Knicks View
Update College Games, Simulation Central YT 75 Nets View
Hehe, Jake* 75 Jazz View
tim bracket, tim-duncan21 75 Nets View
The Future, TheUltimate123 75 Nets View
Sam Fuld Sucks, DaddyWalnuts 75 Nets View
probable, domini7 75 Mavericks View
Finally won 2, Shawn Crichton 75 Nets View
Bleizeriai vz vasingtonas, Jonas 75 Nets View
Polden Court , Louis Kangas 75 Nets View
crazyei8hts, crazyei8hts 75 76ers View
Mickey Mouse Bracket, u/BraveNewPearl 70 Nets View
Commissioner Okafor , Commissioner Okafor 70 Nets View
Thats not enough for me..., EJ Esparza 70 Nets View
Brozos 307-228 BSL, Two Gurley’s one Kupp 70 Nets View
2021-PLAYOFFS, N Strat 70 Clippers View
Dartin', Jericho Leighton 70 Nets View
Boston Massacre > 2021 Boston Celtics, mralex289 70 Nets View
Besthbrckt, sexybeastman4 70 Nets View
pop, William Huang 70 Nets View
Bracket, Clément Hamel 70 Nets View
the truth part 2, ahmed 70 Lakers View
Nets for the win🙏🏿, Joanne Asante 70 Nets View
Purple & Gold, Stephanie Elve 70 Lakers View
NURKIC, Fowad 65 Trail Blazers View
First impression, siciliandefense 65 76ers View
of course, Zulu 65 Lakers View
i suck at this, Tarek Ibrahim 65 Nets View
Hey, MrAceCaleb 65 Nets View
BBGM, syr.riley 65 Lakers View
i dont evne know jack about the nba, smartmatter 65 Lakers View
Sad Wolves Fan, Thomas Beck 65 Nets View
1, Edgar Anal Poe 65 Lakers View
Lebron's Path To 2nd Mickey Mouse Ring, Chris Eccles 60 Nets View
Csery, Csery 60 Lakers View
Coin Flip - Tony, Gluecows 60 Heat View
warrrriors, huu 60 Nets View
Winner dinner, Mattias Malk 60 Nets View
Durian's first bracket, Durian 💜💛 60 Lakers View
lol6ers, feedmeburgers 60 76ers View
free money, Reazo 60 Nets View
Lebracket, LeShawn Brames 60 Lakers View
4-7 LMAO, Fowad 55 Nets View
danarkans1, Daniel Arkans 55 76ers View
Jit's TB, Arjit Jaiswal 55 Nets View