bascas of community

Created By: Victao

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Braumelo, Brau 115 Lakers View
Gabarito PDO, Andre Rays 105 Knicks View
Gabarito, Fe vieira el mago 100 Clippers View
MaMago , Fe Makul 95 Nets View
Gus A. Smith, Gustavo Alves 90 Lakers View
bascas of community, Tomás Varella 90 Nets View
Augusto , Augusto De Marchi 90 Nets View
Nem judas..., Peps El Pistolero 85 Lakers View
Soless, Eduardo Parasmo Salusse 80 Lakers View
marcos, schneiderm 80 Nets View
Dani Blau Blau , Daniel Al Makul 70 Nets View
Gabão, Gabriel 65 Nets View
EASY W, Victao 65 Lakers View
zoncio’s prediction, GuiBron James 65 Nets View
Baile do Kifass, Guga 50 Nets View
lakeshow, Thiaguinho da maua 50 Lakers View
Gabriel Ranoya, Gabriel Ranoya 50 Nets View
Gabaras, João Antônio Ribeiro 45 Nets View
Poladian, Felipe Poladian 30 Nets View
2k devolve minha build, Gustavo Lemes 0 Not selected View