Comeback season

Created By: Samuel Yemane

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
The winning team, Bram 120 Nets View
Dub, Stein Aka Winner 115 Clippers View
The big sad playoffs, Sander 110 Nets View
Champagnepapiā€™s redemption, Samuel Yemane 90 Nets View
Steph MVP, RutgerFeikens 90 Nets View
WizardsšŸ—‘, Jasper de Jong 85 Lakers View
Noah, Noah 80 Jazz View
Westbrook>>your favorite point guard, MatteĆ¼s 80 Nets View
wizards getting swept, mick 70 Nets View
Only here to beat sam , Engnekos jonasos 70 Nets View
Wortroe , Woetroe Arends 65 Nuggets View
GIJSSIED and the rest of nobooddyyssss, GIJSSIED 35 Lakers View