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Entry, Owner Score Champion
NBA Playoffs 2021, [UTA] MrTopHat 100 Jazz View
Docs #1, BracketDoc 90 Bucks View
Giannis's Revenge, Jayson Tatum Supremacy 90 Lakers View, dumbmatter 85 Nets View
YER, King2kBadger#6524 85 Lakers View
Eon owns you, Eon 85 Nets View
:michelinmanjokic:MVP, kunh 85 Nuggets View
hehe, optimistic mavs fan 85 Mavericks View
playoff spoilers, don't look, Quetzal 85 Nets View
Fo Fo Fo, Wi Tu Lo (trust the process) 80 Lakers View
Kibblur's correct bracket, Kibblur 80 Bucks View
Kawhi Leonard., Save The Meat Duck 80 Clippers View
My Bracket, isanyonethere10 80 Jazz View
Clippers dub no bias, faysal 75 Clippers View
LEGGO, acid_0verride 75 Nets View
natefury, natefury 75 Lakers View
NBA Bracket, Raq 75 76ers View
Playoffs 2021, Seaman 75 Lakers View
Brozos 307-228 BSL, Two Gurley’s one Kupp 70 Nets View
Outsider's Bracket, Outsider 70 76ers View
Ran-dumb Bracket, Ran-dumb_Person 70 Nets View
THE KINGS BRACKET, [LAL] king (Morant fan) 70 Lakers View
test, spilledmilk 70 Lakers View
NBA, Gukie 70 Clippers View
Iron man, the Iron man, Iron man, the Iron man 70 Lakers View
ramen#0452, ramen#0452 65 76ers View
TomSpeedy’s bracket , TomSpeedy 65 Nets View
{GSW} Michael Jordan Poole, Steph Curry 65 Lakers View
Brights bracket, Bright 65 Nets View
Tony Martial, Mtheripper 65 Lakers View
genesis block bracket , genesis block 65 Nets View
jgvlogs8_ftw, jgvlogs8 65 Nets View
astro's bracket, astro 60 Nets View
Dre's bracket, 818Dre 60 Clippers View
First time doing this hope i win , Polyester 60 76ers View
Mason526 , Mason 60 Nets View
playoffs 2021, NiKoSKS 60 Bucks View
tim bracket, tim-duncan21 55 Nets View
Poggers, sad pelicans fan 55 Nets View
Superteam wins.., Mayo 55 Nets View
MSGBUZZCITY, #NewYorkForever 55 Bucks View
heat bracket lmao, deathslayer 55 Heat View
god bracket, Dxrk 55 Lakers View
Valker, Valker 50 Nets View
Coltfalcon, Coltfalcon 50 Lakers View
ygmark, ygmark 50 Clippers View
Easy W, [HOU] TANK FOR CADE 50 Nets View
EZ, Cy 45 Lakers View
Always Correct, Jay 30 Grizzlies View