The MAMBA League

Created By: Achilleas Pelidis

12 members

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
tameio , Μαριος Καλλιαμπακος 265 Bucks View
House of the Rising Suns, Bill Terr 235 Suns View
gang gang, locked in pesky's basement 225 Bucks View
Marios_isws_paei_tameio, BowDownToTheKing 195 Lakers View
Coca Juniors, Argy18 170 Nuggets View
Winning, Vassilis Katsoulis 170 Lakers View
Eksw oi asxetoi apo to chat, KonPastr 145 Lakers View
pr, Achilleas Pelidis 120 Nets View
Orf, John Orfanides 110 Nets View
What will really happen..., Argy18 90 Nets View
Konsolinio, Nikos Konsolas 60 Nets View
O Marios den paei tameio, Ilias Kotsiras 50 Nets View