NBA - The Bubble! (again)

Created By: Flávio Franco

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Petenussi , André Petenussi 110 Nets View
Flávio Franco, Flávio Franco 105 Nets View
Shino, Shinohara 95 Clippers View
RM, RMendes 95 Nets View
RMachado, Renato Machado 90 Lakers View
The Three, Luiz Trindade 85 Nets View
Armando Mosin , Armando Mosin Neto 80 Lakers View
Agra Knows!, Andre Agra 60 Nets View
Guerrero, Alexandre 60 Lakers View
LA and you know it, Marcos Zapater 50 Lakers View
Tchelo, Marcelo Costa 50 Nets View