Chat Picks 2022

Created By: DrizzyDre PRO

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
2022, Nanny of the Maroons 305 Warriors View
Giannis Iwontwinthough, DrizzyDre PRO 290 Warriors View
DAGGA - either 1st or last, Bombaclat 160 Celtics View
JerseyNetBoyz, King Carter. First Of His Name, Smoker Of Blunts 155 Nets View
GBE, GBE 125 Bucks View
FreeUsFromRuss, Caru$how 115 Suns View
Drew , Drew 115 Nets View
Win or Lose no Draw , *WINNNING @ ALL COST* 110 Suns View
Good_Win_B, B.G. 95 Bucks View
Lbj, LBJ 85 Bucks View