yelswrld's NBA playoff brackets 2022

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
LET'S GO WARRIORS!!!, Sam M 370 Warriors View
LuisGAG, LuisGAG 365 Warriors View
Knicks suck again, Rob Popielarz 345 Warriors View
Jr picks, JayR 285 Warriors View
mrdigimortal, Ryan Dale Castillo 265 Celtics View
Yelswrld Eunbracket, Totoy Golden Brown 250 Warriors View
Joeys bracket, joey aronson 240 Warriors View
Winner420, Dylan Miller 230 Warriors View
GMadness’s Bracket , GMadness 225 Warriors View
Here come the Suns, LuisGAG 220 Suns View
Celtics the biggest of all time, LuisGAG 210 Celtics View
From You, 75 Years Ago, Jonviét 200 Warriors View
Thomas, Thomas 195 76ers View
Austin, Austin Berendes 175 Bucks View
JaMorantfortheW, Erik Tihanyi 170 Grizzlies View
Balls, Isaac Gartlan 165 Suns View
My Bracket , Matt 150 76ers View
Eitan, Eitan 145 Suns View
Jokic SZN, Rohit 145 Nuggets View
nba finals 2022, freshballer30 145 76ers View
Koubs1, Koubsmyster1 145 Suns View
insane, Andrea S 140 Suns View
SportsCitySS, SportCitySS 140 Nets View
Real, deiniel 135 Nets View
Curry Up And Shoot, Cheetah - AKA Gerrit Cole 135 Suns View
kai2022, kai2296 130 Bucks View
Bodie's bracket, Pierre Pincet 130 Bucks View
Rokifaca, Rok Zakrajsek 130 Suns View
nets, DoitforJAB 120 Nets View
Jail Blazers, Ball don't lie 120 Suns View
cukurfabrika, Emersons 120 Celtics View
Albert 2, Albert 120 Celtics View
wolves 7, clippers 8, nets 7, cavs 8, x - REY 🖍️ 115 Suns View
Italy 76ers, GFL 115 Suns View
Xpert Risks, Xpert Analyst 115 Suns View
LeTroll Bracket, AUSTIN REAVES 🐐 110 Suns View
FreeUpSaba13, Alessandro Tatangelo 110 Raptors View
Play Offs, Big Bang MMA 110 Nuggets View
Csery, Csery 105 Bucks View
Spurs Again Someday, Sean Davis 105 Suns View
Numero Uno, esh 105 Suns View
CLE2024, specialk13 100 Bucks View
Aeup, Aeup 100 Suns View
Vogel got to go!, Akimmo34 95 Suns View
TimOthy P, TimOthy 95 Heat View
Masfique's Picks, Strikerselim 95 Suns View
John Stockton, Rob Cantillon 95 Jazz View
Personal Bracket #2, Jarko 95 Suns View
clippers 7, wolves 8, nets 7, hawks 8, ᴡᴏᴏᴢɪᴇ 90 Timberwolves View
ilyasuns bracket, ilyasar24 90 Suns View
WTF, Gal 85 Suns View
2021/2022 rotem pick, Rotem Rabinovich 85 Suns View
bracket tres, Nate Zick 85 Suns View
smbracket, Stelios Moschopoulos 75 Bucks View
cedomi14_1, cedomi14 75 Suns View
Bucks world champs, Bucky 65 Bucks View
i own toubi 🤣🤣💀🤡 (wolves 7 clips 8, Nets 7 Hawks 8), DK 60 Nuggets View
Bracket 4, RapsmV 60 Bucks View
:D, SweetReptile 55 Suns View
Lielupe, Emersons 55 Nets View
1, BIGJU 35 Bucks View