Capital Sportz NBA Bracket!!!

Created By: Coach Leo

24 members

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Test your skills at predicting the outcome of the NBA playoffs!!! Winner takes all bragging rights and grand prize!!! Enter now and follow the fun in the group chat!

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Winning, Jason 270 Warriors View
Ethan, Ethan 240 Warriors View
Hank, Hank 225 Warriors View
Skylar, Skylar 225 Celtics View
IDK Bracket, Dustin 205 Heat View
Eric, Eric Liu 200 Warriors View
Coach Leo # 2, Coach Leo 165 Suns View
Henry #2, Henry 165 Suns View
Chubbs' Bracket, Angus Balfanz 165 Heat View
Leon, Leon 150 Suns View
IDK2 Bracket, Dustin 150 Suns View
Roman, Broncos fan 145 Suns View
Henry , Henry 140 Suns View
Skylar2, Skylar 135 Suns View
Coach Leo (The Winner), Coach Leo 120 Suns View
Soren 2, Soren 120 Suns View
Tim, Tim 110 Heat View
Soren, Soren 100 Heat View
The best bracket, Alex 100 Suns View
Jade’s Bracket, Jade 100 Bucks View
Tristan , Tristan 95 Mavericks View
Jono , Jono 95 Suns View
The Real Coach K, Kristen Stanley 90 76ers View
The biased bracket, Alex 70 Mavericks View