8th annual NBA playoff bracket challenge

Created By: Billy "NASA" Brady

25 members

Group Website: bradywilliamj@gmail.com

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
The 'Smart' Choice, Dave K 205 Celtics View
Udonis , Udonis 160 Heat View
Jamie , Jamie Druckman 145 76ers View
Ed Orehek, Ed 140 Suns View
Heat in 5, Aamir 140 Heat View
Full Metal Bracket, Frank Flynn 135 Suns View
Point God, johnx 135 Suns View
Biff's Bracket Blowout, Derek Griffin 130 Suns View
BK's Busted , Brian Kille 125 Suns View
Elyse's Bracket 2022, Elyse 120 Suns View
in ja we trust, John S 115 Grizzlies View
FreeUpSaba13, Alessandro Tatangelo 110 Raptors View
8th time's the charm, Sarah Ye 110 Suns View
Robb's picks, Robb Willer 105 Suns View
The Champ Is Here!, Fausto Wilson 105 Suns View
Paris, Paris Nicholls 95 Bucks View
Adam's picks, adamwaytz 90 Bucks View
M. Riccio, Matt Riccio 90 Suns View
Patrick’s Bracket, Patrick McElroy 90 76ers View
ilyasuns bracket, ilyasar24 90 Suns View
DejaVu, Ryan Tappel 85 Bucks View
That time being a Philly sports fan worked out really well for me and was not at all disappointing, Chelsea 85 76ers View
bracket tres, Nate Zick 85 Suns View
Wrath of the Point God, Billy "NASA" Brady 80 Suns View
The Freak, Jay Van Bavel 80 Bucks View