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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Mason Greenwood's Unofficial Soap Sponsorship, OGAnunobee 285 Warriors View
I watched maybe 10 games this season, Tae 280 Warriors View
copetitive, HyghOnRyce 275 Warriors View
too many urkels on your team, riigz 270 Warriors View
Poole FMVP, carlosd93 240 Warriors View
raptors and heat are both frauds, centrumdoshunnidtabs 235 Warriors View
lets go Cs, sickofwork 235 Celtics View
jameson williams 2 LA, bobe 225 Nets View
My mom gets me so fucking hard, peanutpls 215 Warriors View
Any Quackers?, TopKekRekt 215 Suns View
lakers?, mosheye 205 Warriors View
pokfopakfopsd, scottfoster123 200 Warriors View
#ValleyProud pls, iWolf 190 Suns View
i dont know shit, klick 165 Bucks View
Vern, Vern 165 Heat View
funny how playoff harden is still 5x better than trash ass defrozen , poppinfreshboo 160 76ers View
yo, CosmicJax 155 Suns View
Next year , Kobegot81 130 Suns View
we lowkey run this server, duck 125 Suns View
Buncha fakket virgins hating on the Lakers LOL you wouldnt say that hater smack talk to my face IRL LOL LOL, Big Ween Andre Drummond 125 Bucks View
CP3 GETS HIS RING, curryy 125 Suns View
fuck the celtics, xodus00 125 Suns View
The future is crunk!!!, nomalic3 125 Suns View
i haven't been told shit, toodlenoodles 120 Suns View
Israel is the best. Also this isn't winning, Shubi 115 Suns View
Idk nba, Impecunious 115 Suns View
KA BAM, DeadlyDank 110 Heat View
The Burrow of NBA is Ja , Mclovinwood 110 Heat View
me and melo running it back with the lakers, shadley 105 Suns View
Wizards #1 pick inc, Subterfuge12 105 Nets View
Love MY Suns, Orcanym 105 Suns View
here lies russ' hopes and dreams, met 100 Suns View
the undisputed two time , Tootz 100 Suns View
Dinosaurs rule the earth again, 272Degrees 100 Raptors View
It's always Sunny in Milwaukee, datmamba 100 Suns View
Point God, Yasser 95 Suns View
:spank:, fetty 95 Bucks View
Winning POV, Fruitcaik 95 Mavericks View
Laker Army, Laker Army 95 Suns View
Javale McGee Finals MVP, ufwa 95 Suns View
Lakers in 4, hak 95 Bucks View
Macbook Air Mcclung, The Real Anchorman 90 Bucks View
jada pinkett's alopecia, zombie2pac 85 Heat View
Gay for Gosling, TM 80 Bucks View
Pats Bracky, pat 80 Suns View
Kyrie Mon!, Cheetah - AKA Gerrit Cole 80 Nets View
Cam "BLM" Jewton, CamJewton 75 Bucks View
Run it back, Teppec 70 Suns View
Let's go MY Hawks, Cheddarbobhouse1 70 Hawks View
supportbrook , resh 70 Bucks View
i think its hilarious u kids talking shit about Harden. u wouldnt say this shit to him at lan, hes jacked. not only that but he wears the freshest clothes, eats at the chillest restaurants and hangs out with the hottest dudes. yall are pathetic lol, FLE 70 76ers View
Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Rumblebzz 65 Suns View
My Saboner is growing!, Roughpuppet 65 Suns View
keepmywifebracketoutyamfmouth, penguin 65 Suns View
lolcp3, Whiskeynrye 60 76ers View
I got a buckwheat hull pillow about 6 years ago it is great, and fully adjustable by adding, or removing fill. It is not soft like a standard pillow but it has perfect support at the exact height you set it to. , spaceghost 60 Bucks View
I don't know where to put this. This fucking thing is amazing and everyone needs to watch it. drop it in front of scary movie nights or something. My god I've let it play several times already., blocc 50 Jazz View