Shaking and Baking

Created By: Rui Afonso Tavares

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Comme restus, Ramiro 175 Bucks View
Joaofma, Joaofma 155 Suns View
Sunshine..., fmcg 140 Suns View
GSW power, Emanuel Santos 135 Warriors View
The Tagus Sardines, Cabrita 135 Warriors View
Manolos, Manuel Mourao 115 Bucks View
Big Chalas , David Chalupa 115 Suns View
Philly, Nelson Cunha 110 76ers View
Fishing Season, Bruno Martinho 110 Warriors View
Mini Rucas, Rui Afonso Tavares 95 Bucks View
Nunosa e os Greek Freaks, Nunosa 85 Bucks View
Sasasaricando, SaaSantinha 85 Nuggets View
Padreco, João Vieira (Padreco) 70 Grizzlies View
JAL, JAL 60 Bucks View