2022 Senor Dela Koff & Friends

Created By: Nishant Jindal

7 members

$10 per entry (Venmo Nishant), multiple entries allowed, feel free to forward to friends!

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: No


Entry, Owner Score Champion
Rishabh's Bracket, Rishabh Madan 200 Suns View
ICanPlayinToronto, BigBallerBracket 180 Celtics View
Nishant Jindal, Nishant Jindal 160 Suns View
Big Green, Jay 145 Celtics View
Keeping it Real, Jay 115 Bucks View
Never stop trusting , N.P.G.H. 95 76ers View
JOC1, John O'Connell 80 Bucks View