Denver Stiffs

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
One in a million, Agorr 260 Celtics View
Return from the grave, MJOP 205 Warriors View
Seems reasonable, Frankencrank 200 Suns View
Caesars salad, Alea iacta est 195 Suns View
dannyho, Daniel Medeiros 195 Suns View
BossBracket, Bossofyou 165 Celtics View
evil spocks bracket, Evil Spock 145 Suns View
The Donic injury fucks things up, Casey Black 145 Suns View
rainbow skyline, rainbow skyline 140 Suns View
IDK, JMIAMP 135 Bucks View
Lurky guess (Poudre Bleu), Bob Gleason 125 Celtics View
Jokic ball, no country 110 Nuggets View
The Barber, HairCutJokic 105 Bucks View
Safe Bet, kromag 105 Suns View
Bogdanel, Bogdanel 100 Nuggets View
What You Really Want, dHuman 95 Nuggets View
Seen This Before, The Eye Test 90 Suns View
Righteous, EASYMONEY 80 Suns View
el carg, El Carg 80 Bucks View
The Only Guess, Rokas Grajauskas 80 Suns View
Jacifer, Jacifer 80 Suns View
Stop Talking About the Lakers, CalvinAndHobo 70 Suns View
#BringBackOurSonics, Anthony Papaioannou 65 Suns View
CG1, Barbara Gehl 60 Nuggets View