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Hoop-social.com is a collaborative nba/wnba and college blog site with three flagship podcasts Hoops Temple, Charity Strip Commentary, & Assisted Development

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Dynasty Restart, Mike 290 Warriors View
Matt’s bracket, Ballerspotted 260 Warriors View
Homer , Orry Berce 210 Celtics View
Alfieleggett188 bracket, Alfieleggett188 210 Suns View
Im from boston lol, John 190 Celtics View
1, Lennox 165 Bucks View
Nba playoffs 2022, Ben 145 Suns View
bracket of brackets, aryjoe 135 Bucks View
Very Chalky, Cheetah - AKA Gerrit Cole 135 Suns View
Mac’s bracket, Macawoni 125 Suns View
Jazz champs!, OlafurBjorn 120 Jazz View
Nicolajs NBA 2022 bracket , Nicolaj H. Larsen 115 Bucks View
Ez money, Bobo 115 Suns View
BradenHemann, BradenHemann 115 Suns View
Nicks bracket, NickT 115 Suns View
Frank Tracey, Frank Tracey 110 Bucks View
FreeUpSaba13, Alessandro Tatangelo 110 Raptors View
My picks, Trey Hill 105 Bucks View
The winner, Arjun 105 Suns View
Nathan’s Bracket, Nate 100 Bucks View
Budgie’s Bracket, Nathan Burgess 100 Suns View
Ryan's Bracket, Ryan 100 Suns View
Olaf huges, Olaf_huges 100 Suns View
Weiners, Matt Bamfield 100 Suns View
PossibleChairs , Aaron Schroeder 95 Suns View
100%, Ole Lien 95 Bucks View
Theo’s Playoff Bracket, Theo 95 Bucks View
HEAT IN 7, Pádraig 95 Heat View
Guy's den, Guy 90 Nuggets View
Tytyon, Tytyon 90 Nets View
Go Lakers😔, Logan 90 Bucks View
Masons bracket , Mason 90 Suns View
2022 playoffs, Malcolm Swift 85 Bucks View
Skipzrl, Liamtdm 85 Bucks View
😩, Dan Polson 80 Bucks View
Winner Bracket, Cam 80 Suns View
Perfect , lo_yodea 80 Bucks View
CG1, Barbara Gehl 60 Nuggets View