Win or go Home 2 Playoff Bound: The Wrath of Omar

Created By: Hadi Radwan

12 members

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Faisal's Bracket#1, FaisalYS 145 Suns View
💸, Noyz 135 Heat View
Hamoudinx , Hamoudinx 130 Suns View
AF, Ahmad Fakih 125 Nets View
Elfayedico 1, Omar Fayed 115 76ers View
El Kimo, FC LARGE 115 Suns View
RK, Rayan 110 Suns View
iljamil, Wael J 105 Suns View
Wael, Wael 100 Bucks View
Elfayedico2, Omar Fayed 95 Bucks View
Jeambey, krikor 90 Suns View
Radwanium, Hadi Radwan 60 Bucks View