Win or go Home 2 Playoff Bound: The Wrath of Omar

Created By: Hadi Radwan

12 members

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
💸, Noyz 175 Heat View
AF, Ahmad Fakih 165 Nets View
Elfayedico 1, Omar Fayed 155 76ers View
Faisal's Bracket#1, FaisalYS 145 Suns View
Wael, Wael 140 Bucks View
Hamoudinx , Hamoudinx 130 Suns View
El Kimo, FC LARGE 115 Suns View
RK, Rayan 110 Suns View
iljamil, Wael J 105 Suns View
Elfayedico2, Omar Fayed 95 Bucks View
Jeambey, krikor 90 Suns View
Radwanium, Hadi Radwan 60 Bucks View