2022 Yecord NBA Playoffs Bracket

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Dont watch basketball, mcn 175 Celtics View
surely this is correct, MrDooshe 165 76ers View
paola14, cedomi14 160 Bucks View
lakers 2023 comeback trust bro, Luxetrix 155 Celtics View
h, will 150 Celtics View
The correct one, Swiftieverse 150 Suns View
Mint bracket , Mint 150 Suns View
celticsin4, berke☘ 145 Celtics View
Miami-born , luna8 145 Heat View
stream Sidelines by Phoebe Bridgers , Eesti 145 Suns View
yeah, chain510 140 Warriors View
NIGGA, josh jackson fan club 140 Suns View
i dont even watch ball that much, reny 140 Warriors View
SportsCitySS, SportCitySS 140 Nets View
Bucks again, Poison 140 Bucks View
zachary bracket, Zachary 140 Bucks View
Pythia, Conan1982 135 Bucks View
Bracket, PLAYOFFROBINSON 135 Suns View
Celtics will win, Kr0niic 135 Celtics View
The prophecy , Matt (hot, sexy, funny) 135 Bucks View
yangel!!!, yangel 135 Bucks View
depressed russ fan, Bluefacedpuma 130 Nets View
veneta#4296, banchero 130 Celtics View
Time to shine draymond, Boost god all the time 125 Warriors View
FREEMOswagHAWK, MOswagHAWK 125 Bucks View
Xpert Picks, Xpert Analyst 125 Suns View
what is basketball , justcallRichard 125 Celtics View
🫴, XON 120 Suns View
W. , ell.TTT 120 Heat View
Fetti's Bracket, fetti 120 Bucks View
Wheezy NBA champ picks, Wheezy 120 Bucks View
swagga on a hunnit thousand trillion , louvuttondon 120 Nets View
Late but true, GD’s in the door 120 Nets View
clueless, gho 120 Bucks View
the winner 🔥 🚬 2 Fly 2 Cry 😢 King danny , pretty (daniel) 115 Bucks View
Bubble ring bracket, Ichiro10011 115 Suns View
Yeezus >, Yeezus > 115 Suns View
perez bracket, Perez 110 Suns View
I'm Lost, Kay 110 Nets View
joe mama sause wins always, bemb 110 Suns View
check callin, Nofux 105 Suns View
Bucks repeat, How long it take for you to get this fly?? 105 Bucks View
C's on Top, VZN Logic 105 Celtics View
(LBJ萬歲), sk7Ann 105 Nets View
bloc trash bracket (go t wolves!!1), bloc 105 Suns View
here lies russ' hopes and dreams, met 100 Suns View
maize, BigMaize 100 Grizzlies View
my bracket, bag 100 Grizzlies View
Grizz , Big Baller Brand 100 Grizzlies View
raff's L, raff 95 Heat View
YeBracket (jules), Jules2517 95 Bucks View
10/10, XOXO 95 Bucks View
Valley Chip baby!!!@ We taking the chip home, A Lone Sober Toast 95 Suns View
dubs, daddy 90 Warriors View
phillys express trip to cancun, riel 85 Suns View
least delusional twolves fan, blxckout, Blxckout 85 Suns View
embiid mvp if you disagree you a clown, drazurd 80 76ers View
White house no - blue house baby, viW 75 Suns View
bracket dos, Nate Zick 70 Grizzlies View
yeah yeah yeah!, nahnahnahstan 65 Bucks View
i have never watched a single nba match in my life, Earthtoned 50 Hawks View
go nuggets, gucci_garrett 50 Suns View
A1 since Day 1, Vizual 50 Bucks View
Wolves got da chip, 名残雪 50 Timberwolves View