Fat Oinkers 2022

Created By: Mike He

15 members

Group Website: profundobaso@gmail.com

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: Yes


Entry, Owner Score Champion
version 2, Jason 225 Celtics View
Indian is life, Michael Seung 175 Suns View
Hate Bracket, Eggs Benedict 160 Suns View
mxj, dreamxjei 155 Bucks View
Real Oinky Bracket, Mike He 155 Suns View
Real Bracket, Eggs Benedict 125 Bucks View
RNG Bracket, Eggs Benedict 125 Nets View
The Black Mamba, Willis 110 Suns View
I want to trust the process but I never can, Benjamin Franklin Karabasz 105 Suns View
Sixers So Close, Julian Vleeschhouwer 105 Suns View
Spurs 2022 NBA lottery champs, William 100 Suns View
Ithd, ithd 90 Suns View
Fun Oinky Bracket, Mike He 90 Nets View
Wut wut, Bill Yu 80 Grizzlies View
Version 1 , Jason 65 Bucks View