Lab Bracket

Created By: Malik Yehia

10 members

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Broke as hell, no one in your gang upping bands Would've got bullied in my school, we made fun of hams Told the plug, "Let me see it," then I came running, man Pulled the buffs out my jacket, Cade Cunningham

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Wit da gang doe, Houd Mashrah 140 Nets View
Back2Back, Malik Yehia 130 Suns View
Big D Z, Big D Z 130 Nets View
Cade Cummingham, Youseph Saad 120 Nets View
Old ahh ning, Khalid 120 Suns View
don’t miss zero23, lilhuss 115 Heat View
Mr. Omar, ISO O 115 Warriors View
Book It, Kassem Bazzi 110 Suns View
Ba Ram , Rami Jaradat 105 Suns View
Last Place, Amran 85 Nets View