NBK Bracket Challenge

Created By: Andy N

11 members

Group Website: https://youtube.com/c/NothinButKnicks

Fill out Your NBA Playoffs bracket and compete with the rest of the NBK Community Members

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: Yes


Entry, Owner Score Champion
Savvy's serious bracket , Sucka-Free Savvy D 150 Nuggets View
SKF, Still Knicks Fans 135 Suns View
StephsPicks, Dope Soul Sports Talk/Queens Court 120 Suns View
Laventy Kid1🇹🇹, Stapha Don 115 Suns View
Sachin's Bracket, Sachin's Playoffs Bracket 115 Bucks View
NBK, Andy N 110 Suns View
The Podfather Bracket, New York Knicks are Back! 105 Suns View
AN-001, Aaron N 100 Bucks View
Savvy's Bracket, Sucka-Free Savvy D 90 Nuggets View
Josh’s Brackets, Joshua N Rivera 85 Suns View
Diehard on this Bracket , Diehardknickspodcast 75 Nets View