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Entry, Owner Score Champion
BLEED GREEN🍀🍀, Connor N. 335 Warriors View
sog, Sog401 290 Warriors View
Dubs ftw , Ashwin Chintalapati’s 285 Warriors View
Monkey’s Picks, MonkeyButt 280 Warriors View
Chris, Chris O 270 Warriors View
Treyman_33, Treyman_33 265 Celtics View
2022 Playoffs, Paolo 255 Warriors View
Main, Pranav 245 Warriors View
Tom Krause, ClawKawhi 240 Warriors View
Buckets Mentality Bracket, BucketsCenter 225 Warriors View
draind, Aaron 225 Celtics View
bussy boys , Mason Lovatt 220 Bucks View
The correct bracket, Mason 200 Celtics View
Etai's Bracket, EtaiE 170 Suns View
Chips and Salsa , Dom 160 Bucks View
#1, Aaron J. 155 Bucks View
Swish_marier, Swish_marier 155 Bucks View
LeGM, Gil Guzman 140 Bucks View
Albert 3, Albert 140 Mavericks View
Best bracket, Pels 130 Bucks View
in6, Pat 125 Suns View
rhys bracket, rhys 125 Suns View
Hawks or Sixers winning , Gotee G 125 76ers View
ThePagOne, Gabriele Paganelli 120 Suns View
thunder in 4 , zach oldham 115 Suns View
Matthew’s bracket, Matthew 115 Bucks View
FreeUpSaba13, Alessandro Tatangelo 110 Raptors View
Mirrrgotti, Mirrrgotti 110 76ers View
Faqihi6, Faisal 105 Nets View
Lakersin4, bballtakes27 100 Suns View
Altuve mvp , Rockets in 6 95 Suns View
Easy clap, SlimReaper 95 Suns View
Kev bracket, Khicks_11 90 Suns View
Lexupnext, LEXUPNEXT 80 Suns View
ply in, rendra 20 Hawks View