BBB 2022

Created By: Stephen A Smith Burner

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Here comes the Suns, Richard 150 Suns View
Dibs on Boston, Cam's Dad 145 Celtics View
Give the Hornets a couple years, Liam 140 Suns View
teamfire, Red 135 Celtics View
Ryan, Ryan Sun 125 Suns View
jej, Stephen A Smith Burner 120 Warriors View
banner 18 boogie, Ina 115 Celtics View
Let's go Ro, ronan's mom 115 Suns View
tankcommando, nu 110 Warriors View
schroder? i hardly know her!, denis 95 Bucks View
New Dad Entertainment, Vin Cifelli 95 Suns View
UpstateAndDown, Lee 90 Bucks View
A1 from day 1, Dr. J 65 Timberwolves View