the lovelies

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
deanie's bracket, deanio 245 Celtics View
Lovelies , Gadi hawinner 230 Celtics View
Deanie’s #1 fan fo lyfe , deanio 215 Celtics View
a phoenix rising, Ian 200 Suns View
No Lakers, No Lebron. Good times, Noam Baltiansky 170 Celtics View
Going With My Sixer Heart, T 140 76ers View
Sixers finals run ⛪️, jesse 135 76ers View
Dekelkoren, Dekel 100 76ers View
Oxford St Ballers, William C 85 76ers View
booker? i never even met her, DameIsMyFirstHusband 80 Suns View
herro? more like himro, DameIsMyFirstHusband 80 Heat View
Pump up the Ja, Tydawg 75 Grizzlies View
ians-chaos-bracket, Ian 65 Nets View