Challenge - $50 to the best bracket!

Created By: dumbmatter

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$50 goes to the winner. No entry fee. Email if you win, because I don't actually own this website, so otherwise I have no way to contact you :)

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Random Picks, AronGu 175 Celtics View
Etai's Bracket, EtaiE 170 Suns View
IDK Bracket, Dustin 165 Heat View
Bold, Gabriele Paganelli 165 Celtics View
mavs, domini7 160 Mavericks View
Probably not happening, 001011010 160 Suns View
Blue Chips, Simon Fisher 160 Suns View
Yoav-rooster_y, Yoav-rooster_y 160 Warriors View
Hopefully i am right, Izzy Ramirez 155 Suns View
jeff, JeffLoldee 155 Nets View
The Truth, Ammar 155 Warriors View
Bracket 1, Westbrook Is GOAT 150 Suns View
Flip The Switch, Flip The Switch 150 Warriors View
dargamak , dargamak 150 76ers View
IDK2 Bracket, Dustin 150 Suns View
Max A Bracket, Daniel Arkans 150 Suns View
The peoples' cannon, 3cardblindbot 150 Suns View
Next year Bois!, Moritz2205 150 Suns View
Ildunkel , ilya 145 Celtics View
ChuckNorris24, Edgardo Montalvo 145 Suns View
FiveThirtyEight Bracket, Jarko 145 Celtics View
Alon roisman’s prediction , Alon roisman 145 Suns View
H, Bg888888 145 Suns View
BO7 4 LIFE, Dahra10 140 Warriors View
Curry FMVP, thejerbaer 140 Warriors View
1, JohnCarlosGil. 140 Suns View
Roeibudman_, Roeibudman_ 140 Mavericks View
Juan, Juan Grings 140 Suns View
SportsCitySS, SportCitySS 140 Nets View
Bucks in 6, Mootch 140 Bucks View
Yes, Luis Garcia 135 Bucks View
NBA 2022 playoffs, JayPlays 135 Suns View
Strength in numbers, HakunaMatata 135 Warriors View
A Razing in the Sun, Nathan Gyori 135 Suns View
winning bracket, Anirudh 135 Celtics View
idk, Eliwood5837 135 Suns View
Realistic Picks, AronGu 135 Bucks View
Safe picks, LAtotheA 135 Suns View
Madao, GintokiHeat 135 Heat View
idk attempt, Apple Monoxide 135 76ers View
BigC2, Big Chungus 135 Bucks View
Don’t wanna get second again, Raghav Prakash 130 Warriors View
Prob jake, Probs Jake 130 Suns View
kai2022, kai2296 130 Bucks View
Banner 18 🍀, mralex289 130 Celtics View
tonypbethpa, tonypbethpa 130 76ers View
Albert Schiavone, Albert Schiavone 130 Bucks View
Trae Miracle run, LAtotheA 130 Hawks View
Epic Banner 18, meatduck12 130 Celtics View
boring, Maxey Better 130 Suns View
Cal's Perfect Bracket, Calvin 130 Warriors View
Rokifaca, Rok Zakrajsek 130 Suns View
Jordan’s winners , Carter 130 Suns View
Lets go, BracketGod 130 Suns View
T1tok, Túri Bence 130 Suns View
Bracket 2, Westbrook Is GOAT 125 Celtics View
kd, domini7 125 Nets View
Golden State Unicorns, Theo Ratliff's Expiring Contract 125 Warriors View
WwWwWwW, SGocean 125 Warriors View
Bró-m , Szabolcs Muráth 125 Suns View
Redemption Arc, Scott 125 Suns View
NBA, Thon Lual 125 Warriors View
Xpert Picks, Xpert Analyst 125 Suns View
Seroussi, seroussi 125 Bucks View
Ivan bo zmagal, Ivan Koruza 125 Suns View
zaddy 2, LilMo 125 Suns View
bbgm4L, aidan 125 Suns View
Rammin' Bracket, AirRam 120 Nets View
Judbone1, Judbone 120 Suns View
bracket, compano 120 Suns View
Miki El Cunado, Miki El Cunado 120 Suns View
bruh, Dark S. 120 Suns View
Braeden Veliquette, Braeden Veliquette 120 Bucks View
???, Your Everyday Dude 120 Celtics View
b1, marcnig 120 Warriors View
SDEK538, SDEK538 120 Bucks View
objection !, kelvinc 120 Suns View
ThePagOne, Gabriele Paganelli 120 Suns View
Bret, Bret Lex 120 Bucks View
LUCAS 2022, Lucas L'Etoile 120 Bucks View
Giannis AnteREPEAToumpo, Maxim Sinnema 115 Bucks View
Ray's 39th anniversary watchin playoffs, Ray 115 Warriors View
Gimme that Fiddy, crazyei8hts 115 Warriors View
Ron Baker fanclub, Mr Andersen 115 Suns View
ChuckNorris8, Edgardo Montalvo 115 Bucks View
Official BBGM Game Simulation Predicted Bracket, Official BBGM Game Simulation Prediction 115 Bucks View
1, patrickj16 115 Bucks View
gswiswinning, Pratulya 115 Warriors View
Yummy16 , Paul Michael Krumholz 115 Grizzlies View
I love Scat Barn, Cross (not cross szn) 115 Suns View
AllOver, Taiwan 115 Warriors View
Rahul’s Bracket, Rahul 115 Warriors View
RM - 1, Roni Mathew 110 Suns View
Sean B, Sean B 110 76ers View
better than vincenzo, LilMo 110 Bucks View
Swag + Strategy, Alex Tryon 110 Suns View
Ja bracket shaw ferguson, George Lee 110 Bucks View
i miss jared dudley, Enzo 110 Nets View
bee, bee 110 Suns View
Tingy's bracket, Tingy 110 Suns View
Undefeated , Ron 110 Suns View
Ahmz 2, Ahmz 110 Bucks View
Grateful Dad, Steve 110 Bucks View
FreeUpSaba13, Alessandro Tatangelo 110 Raptors View
the winning bracket, boimenred 110 Suns View
All Denver, FryBandit 110 Nuggets View
geonerd, geonerd 110 Warriors View
objectively correct, Kev 110 Suns View
Rockets in 6, Ayush Sharma 110 Suns View
Wolfgang Wins, Keith 'Wahya' Nunez 110 Bucks View
Wait where's Lebron, Matthew L 110 Warriors View
Sasha’s Bracket, Sasha K. 110 Heat View
EasyMoney, Gabriele Paganelli 110 Bucks View
Bucksįn6, David Edeni 110 Bucks View
Cynic, CynicalHoops 110 Suns View
I've never been so unsure, God knows 110 Bucks View
SCOTTIE 4 ROTY, UAhmed 105 Nets View, dumbmatter 105 Celtics View
if luka injured, domini7 105 Warriors View
2022, andre 105 Nets View
totally wrong, fan#6249 105 Suns View
BucksInSix, David Edeni 105 Bucks View
I’m definitely gonna lose, Caleb 105 Suns View
Comma's 2022 Bracket, CommaWriter 105 Suns View
NBA Champion CP3, Rafael Delfes Branco 105 Suns View
bucks repeat luka inj but jazz frauds, Eliwood5837 105 Bucks View
(LBJ萬歲), sk7Ann 105 Nets View
Warrior Bucks, BillCumpf 105 Warriors View
Dwyane Wade, Ghassen Hammas 105 Heat View
Suns in fo, Adam BB 105 Suns View
Numero Uno, esh 105 Suns View
The D , Daniel Deng 105 Bucks View
sunny side up, Karolis 105 Suns View
Miami Heat as 2022 NBA Champions, Vincent Earl Aquino Cadano 105 Heat View
My Bracket, TheAnkleBreaker 105 Warriors View
ant doesn't know, Anthony Nguyen 105 Bucks View
ChickenNuggets, SamHerm19 105 Bucks View
Lasennamme, LasenNamme 100 Bucks View
Booker MVP, SamFuld 100 Suns View
I can dream, Rudy Goatbert 100 Jazz View
College + Stock Car GMs, Simulation Central YT 100 Suns View
danpa72, Daniel Arkans 100 76ers View
Real feel, LAtotheA 100 Bucks View
Personal Bracket, Jarko 100 Celtics View
Next Year Knicks, A Irizarry 100 Suns View
Polinjo, IL KINDER 100 76ers View
TA, TA 95 Bucks View
The KD and Kyrie Revenge Tour, Maida 95 Nets View
fire, zzrat 95 Suns View
רועי ברגפרוינד , רועי ברגפרוינד 95 Suns View
tonypbethpa 2, tonypbethpa 95 Suns View
iLiKeLaZeRz, iLiKeLaZeRz 95 Suns View
taco175, tacosriracha 95 Celtics View
Noo Yawk Knyx, Steve 95 Suns View
personal preferences, Official BBGM Game Simulation Prediction 95 Suns View
עידן , Edan 95 Suns View
jumaru22, Noulian44 95 Grizzlies View
hatewatcher, robberinthecave 95 Bucks View
Beam Me Up Scottie, Jonviét 95 Warriors View
Klaymen, KZ 95 Warriors View
Ifrach, Ifrach 95 Suns View
Warriors champs, nav19z 95 Warriors View
ghost, ghost 90 Suns View
Christheballer7, Christheballer7 90 76ers View
George, George Wang 90 Warriors View
Combo, Jerom Oude Aarninkhof 90 Suns View
Reece, Reece Calvin 90 Suns View
BBQ Chicken , Mackenzie 90 Suns View
It's always sunny , Joshua Tseng 90 Suns View
Oggggg, Matt 90 Bucks View
Lane, Thomas Lane 90 76ers View
HE'S A SICKO, ItsJustBasketball 90 Suns View
nets, LilMo 90 Nets View
LetsgoBucks&Timberwolves, Juhász Ruben 90 Bucks View
Ye, PSB Wolves Back 85 Suns View
Trash bracket, Ninja Orbs 85 Bucks View
JJ02, Juanjo 85 Bucks View
vantas, Marijus Likas 85 Suns View
const, Const 85 Suns View
Righteous, EASYMONEY 80 Suns View
Timberwolves Homer, Willdebeast 80 Suns View
100%, eddy 80 Grizzlies View
Rusty Shackleford, Roberto Barbano Jr 80 Suns View
Nick H, Nick 80 76ers View
Vikings, Konstantinos Ntafalias 80 Bucks View
griso21, federico 80 Bucks View
BigC1, Big Chungus 80 Bucks View
pv, PaVla 75 Bucks View
Kory_G4, Kory Randle 75 Nets View
jokic goes nuts sixers frauds, Eliwood5837 75 Suns View
OKC's Finest, Giddy for Giddeys 75 Suns View
Interesting picks, Gotee G 75 Hawks View
franfor, franforr 75 Suns View
Daglialguelfo , Daglialguelfo 75 Suns View
Pencilsharp333, Pencilsharp333 70 Warriors View
Stop Talking About the Lakers, CalvinAndHobo 70 Suns View
Eddie Dong, Eddie Dong 70 Suns View
Cartomante, rods1926 70 Suns View
Tomatoes and Soup, Frankford Yellow Jackets 65 Suns View
I dont care, I want suns nets finals, Lucas Zheng 65 Suns View