Year of the Joker

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Nba Playoffs , Bradley Shaak 160 Suns View
d biz , drew bissell 150 Warriors View
easymoneysniper, Vivek 135 Suns View
Payton Prichard fan 1, Dawson Wolfe 130 Celtics View
Idk what I’m fucking doing, Alex Florenzo 130 Suns View
Max Sharawy, Max S. 120 Bucks View
Back to Back Champs, calvin_spiz 110 Bucks View
Luh Shizzy, Brenny Dukes 110 Suns View
Poole Party, Aaron Hirsch 105 Warriors View
Nicks Neat Picks , Knicks in 3 90 Warriors View
Book 'Em, Brian H. 85 Suns View
'22 Playoff Prediction, Bull 85 Suns View
Righteous, EASYMONEY 80 Suns View
eMVPiid, Griffen 80 76ers View
Ja-Raffe, Devin 60 Grizzlies View