16 Wins Away!

Created By: Joe Nelson

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Group Website: joenels507@gmail.com

It's time for the BEST hoops tournament of year! (Yeah, I said it) The NBA Playoffs are here, and the Wolves have finally joined the party! Make your picks ASAP, before the games start Saturday (at Noon CT). Either $10 a bracket, or if you just wanna play for fun, you can, just can't win the pot. Winner takes all. Venmo me @Joe-Nelson-14 before Wednesday, Apr. 20 to be eligible to win $. LET'S GO!

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Moonshot, Joseph C. Collins 225 Warriors View
Rose Knows, Mike Rose 115 76ers View
The First Dance, Joe Nelson 100 Suns View
1, thatguyfausi 60 Suns View
Yer, Brennon 55 Suns View