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Entry, Owner Score Champion
#TakeNote, Mike Kofoed 290 Warriors View
Celtics Homer, Mark Chin 200 Celtics View
Combat Muscles and Grit, Ben Solow 200 Suns View
SteveBracketHolt, SteveBHolt 190 Suns View
No Pöltl, No Party, Florian Ederer 145 Suns View
The Pike Syndicate, Tim Murray 135 Bucks View
bucks_in_six, Peter Nencka 📊 130 Bucks View
Chalky, Ben Lyons 110 Suns View
Luka's calf, Dominik Gutt 110 Suns View
sb_bracket, Sarah Bana 105 Suns View
Would’ve picked the Lakers , Scott Kaplan 105 Suns View
Headband Klay, Sarah Quincy 105 Grizzlies View
Jazzzzzzzzz , Jeff Denning 100 Suns View
Welcome to the Dark, Daniel Mangrum 100 Bucks View
SeeRed, Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham 90 Suns View
Go Grizz, Jamin Speer 90 Bucks View
Mavs are a constant disappointment, Analisa Packham 90 Suns View
Corner two, Rich Patterson 90 Suns View
Go Cavs!, Paul Thompson 85 Suns View
Halleluka, Henrik Zaunbrecher 85 Mavericks View
Thunderstruck, Tyler Ransom 85 Suns View
The process, Zach Ward 80 76ers View
Bring back the IBM award, Mike Makowsky 80 Suns View
Trust the Process, Ezra G. Goldstein 75 76ers View
HeadNotHeart, Eric Ohrn 75 Suns View
Old City BBall, Nathan Wilson 70 Bucks View