Please pronounce Tatum as if rhymes with Batum, as in Nicolas Batum

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Lebron averaged over 30 ppg on 62% TS in his 19th year

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
EV, Eric V 180 Suns View
Smooooth Sailin', Sean Krasinski 155 76ers View
Shirley Temples and Strip Club Champagne, Steve Enama 150 76ers View
Zion to the Knicks, Henry Thayer 145 Bucks View
Oros for the W, John Oros 135 Bucks View
BDubleDribble, Brad 130 Bucks View
Big league boy, Brian Dunn 120 Suns View
Sweeney, FrontRightSide 115 Suns View
Lakers in 4, Kieran Valla 110 Suns View
Erin’s 100% guessing , Erin Oros 100 Suns View
R.J. Barrett's All-Star Championship Slam Dunk Super Squad *swish* *swish* *swish* , Mike Thayer 100 Bucks View
DANgerous Nights , Dan Luczkiewicz 70 Suns View