The Brackets

Created By: Adam Bomb

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: Yes


Entry, Owner Score Champion
Squeeknyce , Squeeknyce 330 Warriors View
CP3's Farewell, Troy G 165 Suns View
Wilmer’s Bracket, Wilmer 165 Nets View
The Rematch, Troy G 160 Suns View
Johnny Ojeda, JohnnyO 150 Suns View
It has to be Brooklyn, Right?, Jalen Rhys Enrique 130 Nets View
Justin, Justin 130 Bucks View
Winners Circle , Cyph30 125 Suns View
Back2baaacckk 🦌, Kevin Dias 120 Bucks View
Bucks Repeat, WhatDoiKnow 115 Bucks View
Bombs bracket , Adam Bomb 115 Suns View
Big Haug, Scott’s Tots 115 Bucks View
X Factor, Melman21 100 Nets View
Swoop, BKswoop 100 Suns View
Shooters Shoot, Duke 90 76ers View
Gat , Gat 80 Nets View
Chris P, Chris 65 Bucks View