2022 r/denvernuggets Bracket Challenge

Created By: NikolaiBullcry

59 members

Group Website: reddit.com/r/denvernuggets

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: No


Entry, Owner Score Champion
Ereaven, ereaven 205 Suns View
u/JustAShibe99, JustAShibe99 195 Suns View
theAught, theAught 180 Celtics View
Crambulance, Crambulance 175 Celtics View
Joker Bones, Beas knees 175 Celtics View
i hate malone, MALSTROEM 165 Bucks View
Diddy Dubs, BrotherIveGot47 165 Celtics View
Kaostriker, Kaostriker 160 Nuggets View
Bn, Justvibration 160 Nets View
Back 2 Back Honey, Swejevoli 160 Suns View
Guesswork is the best work, tron777 155 Celtics View
Boner for bones, Sergio Kitchens 155 Suns View
Absofuckinglutely , absofuckinglutely 150 Celtics View
i don't think this is what will happen, modesto_rosado 145 Nets View
PhotonicBoom21, PhotonicBoom21 140 Bucks View
Trust The Process, Maxey Better 135 76ers View
Lookin bad smh, Jamal Murray’s Contract 135 Suns View
Monte is the cutest boi, MaximoLovely 130 Suns View
deez picks, InsaneShock 130 Heat View
you tellin me a shrimp fried this rice?, xyzscorpion 125 Celtics View
u/Ihatgar11, notorious_ihg 120 Suns View
NikaCoop, NikaCoop 120 Suns View
u/TheLifeTrap, TheLifeTrap 120 Suns View
Damnitusernames36, Damnitusernames36 120 Bucks View
j_like, J_Like 110 Bucks View
I can't think of a name for my bracket, landlion35 110 Suns View
parade-пооп, ParadePeu'r 110 Suns View
Tompettyhs, Tompettyhs 100 Suns View
Best try, Hawaiian-rolls 100 Bucks View
I'm a five star man!, griffskry 95 Suns View
BroncoSquatch, BroncoSquatch 95 Bucks View
Bucks do it again, TheBatman0816 95 Bucks View
unlikely bracket, megadethlover 95 Mavericks View
Nnaji by Nature, native_end / totally_comfortable / Jonathan 90 Bucks View
smrad1na, smrad1na 90 Suns View
UnderratedNightmare, UnderratedNightmare 90 Suns View
Los’ Bracket, BigBlackCanul31 90 Nuggets View
Big Honey's Soft, Supple Hands, Joshworkorange 90 Bucks View
BallsDicks, Austin 85 Suns View
x-33-x, x-33-x 85 Nuggets View
Ez4Denver, Lewan322 85 Nuggets View
subieog, subieog 80 Nuggets View
eyooo, Mantautas Rimkus 75 Suns View
sakiwi, sakiwi 70 Nuggets View
Flickin Picks, Wunlong Wang 70 Suns View
correct, ryandrex 70 Suns View
U/nixbling, Nixbling 65 Nuggets View
Nuggetsgonnanugg , nuggetsgonnanugg 65 Suns View
Hopium , llb10000 65 Nuggets View
/u/-KeyDirection-, -KeyDirection- 55 Suns View
Fire Lurk, Bright_Ahmen 55 Suns View
wooden_boy, wooden_boy 55 Nuggets View
jydedication, jydedication 55 Suns View
SirJoris, SirJoris 55 Nuggets View
THE ULTIMATE ONE, LonePeasant 50 Bucks View
boneyardbill, Boneyardbill 40 Nuggets View
TheOrthodoxPolock, TheOrthodoxPolock 35 Bucks View
Nidzo_888, Nidzo_888 35 Nuggets View
Death to the 1st seeds, P0intcenter 25 Nuggets View