Antcord/Domcord Bracket

Created By: Obhill

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: No


Entry, Owner Score Champion
Faceless bracket, Faceless 210 Celtics View
Pelicans Win Lol, Trey/Not On Herb F*****S 190 Pelicans View
Luka-Path, Suti ・スーティ 175 Bucks View
The Breadman Bracket, Loaf 170 Bucks View
???, Your Everyday Dude 160 Celtics View
ashok, Ashok 150 Celtics View
Jocab, Jocab 125 76ers View
Woj W bracket, Woj 125 Suns View
Blee’s Bad Bracket, Blee7: 125 Suns View
Not-Luka-Path, Suti ・スーティ 120 Suns View
FUCK ashok, Pat 120 Bucks View
Chavasca, chavartz 115 Bucks View
jay , rjd 105 Bucks View
Dakotaraptor , Dakotaraptor 100 Suns View
Yeah, Guilherme Franco 95 Bucks View
bruh, Nathan Meagher 95 Suns View
Cuz F*ck Philly that's why, PissTonSaitama 95 Bucks View
W bracket, Obhill 85 Suns View
1 sweep, CallMeJayden 85 Suns View
Daks Bracket, Dakraa 80 Suns View
Casual Bracket, GreekFreakFan 80 Suns View
I saw the future fr,  Angel 75 Heat View
Domcord Bracket, Diamondtaker324 70 Suns View
Pats Predictions, Big Pat 40 Jazz View