Racing beverwijk

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
SaLo, Sander Looijenga 190 Grizzlies View
Maximus, Maximus 155 Suns View
van Suns, tvz5 150 Suns View
BK in 4 , Albaraa 145 Nets View
Kyrie for MVP, And one baby Pim 130 Suns View
DBook😵, Levi Burger 110 Suns View
Jay Morant for the win, Khean 105 Grizzlies View
Cp3 4MVP, Ruben 100 Suns View
Trade Lebron 2022, Vogel 100 Suns View
Jullie zijn allemaal zieke Suns Bandwagoners, McDoubleDouble 100 Heat View
CP3 destiny, Luukas 90 Suns View
David’s bracket , David Rong 90 Jazz View
Summertime-Will smith, Ideabma 80 Suns View