2023 Kejcord

Created By: met

44 members

Group Website: iversonallengod@gmail.com

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: Yes


Entry, Owner Score Champion
embiid is a bitch, gucci_garrett 205 Nuggets View
I’m literally right every time, Oasis 160 Cavaliers View
vomit's incorrect bracket, vomit 150 Bucks View
weed alien 59, sandalien59 145 Bucks View
Jayson Tatum was robbed of MVP (Jah Bart) , Jah Bart 140 Celtics View
ny all the way baby , edřick 130 Knicks View
Woston Weltics W (pretty please happen), raff 130 Celtics View
professor ballology knows ball, mcn 130 Celtics View
Sad Bracket, Ichiro10011 110 Celtics View
Musashi's Woke Bracket, Musashi_aka_Zo 110 Suns View
it's coming home , shxlkxr 110 Warriors View
maize bracket, BigMaize 110 76ers View
lebron legacy game (blxckout), Blxckout 110 Lakers View
losing bracket, choppersolos 105 Bucks View
embiid ring !!, mut 105 76ers View
I got you today 🤞, met 100 Suns View
Austin Reaves , Louvuttondon 100 76ers View
Big 4L, cloudie 100 Warriors View
hopeful dubs, chain510 100 Warriors View
nouku's bizarre adventure :D, nouku 95 Suns View
draft_1, saberspunk 90 Lakers View
Caruso's son, Nut Cracker 90 Bucks View
Xpert Analysis, Xpert Analyst 90 Celtics View
mikal bridges revenge tour , Eesti 85 Nets View
Grizzz, Csery 85 Grizzlies View
100% Accurate (i come from the future), turbo 80 76ers View
i love you atake, poppinfreshboo 75 Suns View
awpj, awpj 70 Bucks View
Kay, Kay 70 Warriors View
Coston Beltics, Pp spray craig 65 Celtics View
cena wena, cena 65 Bucks View
Kr0niic will probably win, Kr0niic 65 Celtics View
jacksters bracket, jack 60 Bucks View
Danny Real picks , Danny (Real Picks) 60 Bucks View
MrDooshe, MrDooshe 55 Bucks View
Hi eesti :3 hii hi ily lol, danny 55 Bucks View
Blond >, Yeezus > 55 Kings View
Blingo’s Bracket, Blingo 55 Bucks View
Jugg Bracket, jugg 50 Clippers View
I love sugar-boo trey young, Big Flipflop 50 Hawks View
BUCKS FOR THE CHIP!!!, KingRiley#8941 45 Bucks View
happy russ fan, Bluefacedpuma 45 Suns View
Boobket, Joshua !!! 35 76ers View
Konny, Konny 30 Warriors View