LeWhores with no wings

Created By: Daniel

15 members

1st place: 70% of prize pool, 2nd: 20%, 3rd: 10% . Etransfer $20 to danieljcan@gmail.com before Sat April 15 View previous year's results.

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: Yes


Entry, Owner Score Champion
PerryTheCow, Adrian 245 Nuggets View
I Respect women, especially minorities, Minority Respecter 235 Nuggets View
Happy Hippos🦛, DevinD 220 Nuggets View
Nav, Navid 185 Bucks View
The last SexBender, Suren 140 Lakers View
LeSalar’s Sister, Salar 120 Celtics View
Wiggins’ best friend, Bray-daddy 120 Celtics View
Adolf Rizzler, Quintin 110 Warriors View
Sister's Bracket, Nima 110 Bucks View
LeSalar James , Salami 110 Celtics View
Goofy Goberts, Nackolas 95 Bucks View
Tatum Tots, WilliamC 95 Celtics View
Perrys Dad, Daniel 70 Bucks View
Joel meat riding bracket, HIM KARDASHIAN 65 76ers View
Winner winner chicken dinner, Winner winner chicken dinner 55 Bucks View