Quack Pack

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
i do this, russlord 265 Nuggets View
We Live In A Society, Teppec 220 Nuggets View
Brandon Miller’s Public Defender, The Cook 130 Bucks View
18 light work, bobe 130 Lakers View
lebron is my daddy, duck 125 Lakers View
I’m Kevin Durant. You know who I am. , zombie2pac 125 Suns View
ramalsclotum, dreezy 125 Lakers View
angryindianbracket, angryindiangamer 120 Lakers View
LAKERS, mosheye 115 Lakers View
lol, Suejiro 110 Lakers View
No idea, Impecunious 110 Bucks View
Rets Go Rakers!, riceu 110 Lakers View
i want daddy reaves to win so FUCKING BAD REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, austinreavesfangirl01xX 110 Lakers View
Yawn and Piss, DeadlyDank 105 Bucks View
They Gon Do It Again, WamSlamYamma 105 Warriors View
Playoff Scott Foster, unfwa 105 Celtics View
I got you today 🤞, met 100 Suns View
TAke a look, y'all: IMG_4346.jpeg, toodlenoodles 100 Suns View
that's a private school, Fruitcaik 100 Bucks View
lakers, spaceghost 100 Lakers View
LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO child porn 3 is gonna get a ring , poppinfreshboo 95 Suns View
Major HOPIUM, FluxRosa 95 Lakers View
:golakeshow:, Whiskeynrye 95 Lakers View
You’re a fucking disaster my guy, Tae 90 Warriors View
the toronto raptors lost to a literal child, turokblack 90 Bucks View
heso melo, shadley 90 Lakers View
back 2 back like im steph '17 & '18, Spandax 85 Warriors View
wiggin's dad's heart, riigz 85 Warriors View
Too ez, Nivke 80 76ers View
I come from the future, EzPlz 80 Kings View
Back 2 Back, carlosd93 80 Warriors View
Bucks 2023, Laker Army 80 Bucks View
Jokic is ass, yola 80 Knicks View
Im BEAMING, Roughpuppet 75 Kings View
Suns out guns out, pat 75 Suns View
I think I got my swagger back!, TM 75 Kings View
Preston Nob End - Reigning NBA Bracket Champion, OGAnunobee 75 Warriors View
yo, CosmicJax 70 Celtics View
Warriors Repeat, SplashBro 70 Warriors View
i love james harden, BIGBOOTYATTACKER 70 76ers View
:^I, Orcanym 70 Bucks View
never a doubt, 17 65 Bucks View
New jeans danielle, scottfoster123 65 Warriors View
Summertime Desk Cheese, Cheddarbobhouse1 60 Hawks View
lets go dubs, 3forthewin 60 Warriors View
PIMP MY SIMP Winner, FLE 55 76ers View
Flip Flip Flipadelphia!, blocc 40 76ers View