Mostiguess 2023

Created By: Abraham Matta

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Allows late entries: No


Entry, Owner Score Champion
IT’S A PARADE INSIDE MY CITY YEA, Abraham Matta 120 Lakers View
Lebronto, Rawad Tarabay 115 Lakers View
Year 20đź‘‘, Nizar Aldandachi 115 Lakers View
Pio's bracket, Pio 110 Lakers View
Lakers for the W though!, Ghady Matta 100 Suns View
Bet money, Hamse 100 Celtics View
Yves el Miv , Yvogue 95 Bucks View
Back2Back, Basiru Touray 90 Warriors View
Spoiler alert !, Charbel njeim 90 Suns View
EasyMoneySniper’s year, Roy Hardan 90 Suns View
FTW, Peter the Octopus 85 Celtics View
Lakers in 6, 5th ring 85 76ers View
ADay-to-Davis, EddyW 75 Bucks View