Challenge - $50 to the best bracket!

Created By: dumbmatter

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$50 goes to the winner. No entry fee. Email if you win, because I don't actually own this website, so otherwise I have no way to contact you :)

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: No


Entry, Owner Score Champion
Yessss I definatly know 7 inch, Ásmundur Hrafn Magnússon 285 Nuggets View
中国梦, 习近平 275 Nuggets View
AC4’2, April Cerine 250 Nuggets View
edog #3, Eric Brown 240 Nuggets View
Media Annoyance, 001011010 235 Nuggets View
$50 incoming, crazyei8hts 235 Nuggets View
RckyMtnBdgr, SamHerm19 230 Nuggets View
Comma's 2023 pick, CommaWriter 225 Nuggets View
Jooookiiic, Grady 215 Nuggets View
daswirdnoch, Korbjäger 215 Nuggets View
BennyEnnyBracket, BennyEnny 215 Nuggets View
Top, Josko 215 Nuggets View
Shirleyp bracket, Shirleyp1097 215 Nuggets View
LostHairbrush Bracket , LadyCorn 210 Nuggets View
Embiid's calf, coapaparaco 210 Nuggets View
BKinney 2023, BKinney 210 Nuggets View
Danso, Danso 205 Nuggets View
El bracket de Omri, Or Gemer 200 Nuggets View
bracket racket, Randy Randomson 195 Nuggets View
El bracket de Gemer , Or Gemer 195 Nuggets View
Nuggets FTW, OTMax 195 Nuggets View
My Bracket, JazzaMATE 190 Bucks View
Nugget, JustAShibe99 190 Nuggets View
Jafjaf's maybe good bracket, Jafjaf1019 185 Nuggets View
Lets go, Nuggets!, katsutama 185 Nuggets View
TheGoat12345, Wout 180 Celtics View
TJB, TJ 170 Celtics View
idk, dawg 170 Bucks View
BBD, kedar 165 Celtics View
@ryan_peoples, @ryan_peoples 165 Celtics View
Brad's Bracket, Brad Stevenson 160 Celtics View
1, suyyy1 160 Bucks View
Itzik Bracket, Itzik Hadad 160 Celtics View
Bad Bracket, Avyay varadarajan 160 Bucks View
👀, Scalabrine 160 Celtics View
Trump 2024, Dando's Ducks 155 Celtics View
Eran’s picks, Eran Har-Paz 150 Lakers View
Italy 76ers, GFL 150 Celtics View
Jason, JCJB 150 Bucks View
CUSRISE, יוני123 150 Celtics View
Bracket, Jason 150 Bucks View
newyorkse2004, NewYorkSe 150 76ers View
Celtics Glory, Itzik Hadad 150 Celtics View
2023 bracket, zeta3105 145 Bucks View
Banner 18 🍀, mralex289 145 Celtics View
Going Back to Back, Navid Vatan 145 Celtics View
Go Celtics!!! (Unbiased ), Cheeriofun17 145 Celtics View
Buckle Up, Fuckleheads, Frank Yang 145 Celtics View
It's not ready, Behave resolution 145 Warriors View
Slam Dunk Seer, EA 145 Bucks View
The real ome, Cole 145 Bucks View
eggnogmania, eggnogmania 140 Bucks View
jjrr11, eran 140 Bucks View
Bostown, Mavs mid 140 Celtics View
Dismal Disappointment, Hassan 140 Celtics View
ughhh, willbottomforembiid 140 Celtics View
Keith Van Horn is my Homie, MT✌🏻 140 Celtics View
JKL Playoffs23, Jens-Kaidar Liiu 140 Celtics View
wharangbuh, wharangbuh 135 Bucks View
ls bracket , ls 135 Celtics View
essa, Mattias Malk 135 Celtics View
Robert, Robert Bryngelsson 135 Bucks View
Hugo BossTon , Hugo Liljeqvist 135 Celtics View
Yes, podfog 135 Bucks View
C Us Rise, Anirudh 135 Celtics View
SGALLNBA, Ydhflx 135 Celtics View
CF-H190L, HATE US CAUSE THEY ANUS 135 Celtics View
Unjinformed, Jin 135 76ers View
Bracket One, jbb 130 Celtics View
LAAAKKKIEEESSSS, Yasser 130 Lakers View
RM - 1, RM 130 Bucks View
Tjoa, Christian Tjoa 130 Bucks View
rezathegoat, Reza Eshghi 130 Celtics View
if this bracket wins, then y'all know the nba is rigged 🤮, markellefultzislife 130 Lakers View
bracket, samuel 130 Celtics View
giannis monster, Francis De Ungria 130 Bucks View
Jason Slayed-Em, Heather 130 Celtics View
Go Green!, Drunk Paul 130 Celtics View
ss, senseisalt 130 Bucks View
LrdIkki, LrdIkki 130 Celtics View
The Rise from the Ashes, Ivan 130 Suns View
Quandale Dingle, DXKO 130 Bucks View
RiLo’s Picks, Riley 130 Bucks View
Perfection, Navan0d 125 Bucks View
pierrely holding on , phenty beauty 125 Bucks View
Quali Suns?, Davide Vagnoni 125 Bucks View
Canovanas Chupacabras, Jose Pinto 125 Bucks View
Possible , LAtotheA 125 Bucks View
SacKingz23, ChiChii 🌺 125 Bucks View
Lol idek, roy 125 Bucks View
Rhondel B bracket, ras 125 Bucks View
Who's your daddy?, Dad 125 Warriors View
one final taste of disappointment, Bojangles 125 Lakers View
Best, GeekTrollMemeCentral 125 Knicks View
Itamar, Itamar kalmanovitch 125 Bucks View
Rockets on fire🔥, יצחקי 125 Suns View
BBGM Addict's winning bracket, BBGM ADDICT (@corbannba) 125 Suns View
easy, Pedro Ferreira 125 Bucks View
Dubs' Last Dance, AAAutin 125 Warriors View
mind over heart, Stepback Chen 120 Celtics View
CLE2023, specialk13 120 Bucks View
Merck Maguddayao's 2023 NBA Playoffs Fearless Forecast, Merck Maguddayao 120 Celtics View
bracket, vinny121vinny 120 Suns View
Reaves finals MVP, Vignesh 120 Bucks View
CLE1376, specialk13 120 Cavaliers View
NoamG, Noam 120 Bucks View
ok, OhTrashCanNoob 115 76ers View
-----, Jason 115 Warriors View
Rizz God, Jason Singh 115 Warriors View
Emiid Prophecy, Bobby 115 76ers View
JB’s Bracket, Chris 115 Bucks View
Shahab Shaolian, Shahab Shaolian 115 Celtics View
Winner winner, J-Zzei 115 Lakers View
First ask, Behave resolution 115 Warriors View
bracket thingy, yeetmaster 115 Bucks View
Lakers, 360Hyp3rDunk 115 Lakers View
dkazm01, dkazm01 115 Lakers View
Hope it is not how I put it, Edo 115 Bucks View
LeBolha, Mr. Devaz 115 Lakers View
Lakeshow ftw!, Stepback Chen 110 Suns View
Goated bracket, Harry 110 Bucks View
Back2back DUBS, ZUG 110 Warriors View
Le Bruno Jaanus, Andre Maisväli 110 Lakers View
Bracket 1, Agombar 110 Celtics View
Safe is Safe , E-Jay 110 Bucks View
Stunna Lakers 💯💯💯, Stunna 110 Lakers View
TimConneFraud, Avyay varadarajan 110 Lakers View
Orange Julius , AdamP 110 Celtics View
WHATIFSPORTS #1, Aakaash Narayannan 110 76ers View
playoff bracket, Halfway There One 110 Bucks View
Lakers2, 360Hyp3rDunk 110 Lakers View
Lakers3, 360Hyp3rDunk 110 Lakers View
Mountain Man, Steve 110 Suns View
bro I just don't know , ary 105 Bucks View
edog #1, Eric Brown 105 Bucks View
CDLA, buntaga 105 Celtics View
GoldenRing, HakunaMatata 105 Warriors View
Da BASEketball Boyz!!!, Galvez19 105 Bucks View
Bron WCF, LAtotheA 105 Celtics View
Bucks In Six, Jonathan Chamtetokounmpo 105 Bucks View
Nba playoffs 2023, Robert 105 Warriors View
chatham, chatham 105 Celtics View
FAKE, timo 105 Warriors View
Bucks in 6, kidfromberlin 105 Bucks View
Angry Buck is Hangry, James M 105 Bucks View
LAL, DarkShade 105 Lakers View
B-bracket, B 105 Suns View
Ross M, Elpresidenta 100 Bucks View
I need the money for chicken nuggets , Kickstartfoxy123 100 Suns View
sheesh, LeStradamus 100 Lakers View
please be true, A!BMVRB1 100 Warriors View
neemias keta, Derrick Jose 100 Celtics View
Lakers91, Rylan 100 Lakers View
Servo’s Best Guesses, Servonian 100 Bucks View
Mid, dameatofdavoid, dameatofdavoid 100 Celtics View
Eli 1, Eli 100 Celtics View
Noo Yawk Knyx, Steve 100 Knicks View
Grisello clown, IL KINDER 100 Celtics View
Probably wrong, Chidoriyama 100 Suns View
Here we go, Sam Jr 100 Bucks View
LeWin, GiacomoB 100 Lakers View
Memphis Sucks, Saffsanity 100 Bucks View
Albert 1, Albert 100 Celtics View
Trance Party, konx77 100 Suns View
Freeze Check, Fareezer 100 Celtics View
Warriors in 6, Jack Straw 100 Warriors View
edog #2, Eric Brown 95 Suns View
woodszback31, woodzbak 95 Kings View
vxmonarkxv, Kaden West 95 Bucks View
Andrew, Andrew 95 Suns View
Tyler Newsome, Tyler 95 Bucks View
PA.VLA.BUC, PaVla 95 Bucks View
Blazers 2024, Raghav Prakash 95 Bucks View
bracket 1, Jake 95 Bucks View
GRISELLO'S BRACKET, federico 95 Suns View
big bracket , BracketGod 95 Suns View
My bracket, ALIKGAMIN 95 Cavaliers View
Bracket Merchant, alan 95 Bucks View
Boar On The Floor, Mateen 95 Bucks View
Free Damian Lillard, George Dy 95 Warriors View
GrizzHope, Miranda Lynton 95 Celtics View
kmorriss, kmorriss 95 76ers View
GK, BEAST 95 Suns View, dumbmatter 90 Celtics View
PepeLaugh, varietypaul 90 Bucks View
DUB FOR DUBS, Dahra10 90 Warriors View
Bracket, Justin Matcham 90 Celtics View
Bunny's Bracket, franklinsanity 90 Bucks View
Lukas, LK5 90 Celtics View
Cons, Const 90 Bucks View
Dont Answers, Check Inside, Joey Scary 90 Celtics View
Da Bracky, OKCshouldmadeit 90 Celtics View
BC, BCarns 90 Suns View
Light the beam, Michael z 90 Warriors View
zachle2, Zach 90 Suns View
wakka wakka, dfrising 90 Celtics View
Ciomberoga, Ciombe 90 Suns View
bucks in 6, abhinav6 90 Bucks View
real one, theodore 90 Warriors View
Bracket Name, lucsth30 90 Grizzlies View