NBA (the West is going to be fireworks) Bracket Challenge

Created By: Drew Pasma

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Lets go. $10 buy in. Venmo, cashapp: Drewpizmo. Zelle, 303-827-6937 What's the deadline for bracket entries? To give people some more time, the final cutoff isn't until a couple days later after each team has played one game (for 2023, this is Monday, April 17 at 7:30pm ET although this may change depending on the final schedule). 10 points for picking the series winner, with an additional 5 point bonus for getting the number of games correct. This doubles in each round all the way through the NBA Finals. (80 points for winner, 40 point bonus)

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: Yes


Entry, Owner Score Champion
LeBracket, Carter Armendarez 240 Nuggets View
Gabe, Gabe 230 Nuggets View
Brenton, Brenton 215 Nuggets View
March Madness Champ, Jake Thramann 210 Nuggets View
Why So Serious?, Chad Pasma 170 Celtics View
plAyOFfs, Drew Pasma 150 Lakers View
Jerry Garcia, Stieger 140 Bucks View
LeCopium, David G 120 Lakers View
10 9 8 , Brendan Mc 115 76ers View
IDK man, Bryce Fowler 100 Suns View
Sporty Spice, Kevyn Gessner 100 Bucks View
Sunny Day, Johnathan Wright 90 Suns View
BelieveLand , Nadav 90 Celtics View
connormulshine, Connor Mulshine 80 Bucks View
Jazz Will Be Back, Mark Washburn 75 Bucks View
WeFlyHigh, DJordan 70 76ers View