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Group Website: sagilam@gmail.com

Givat Haim Meuchad Bracket

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: Yes


Entry, Owner Score Champion
Crime minister Bibiyahoo, פולוקרוב 125 Suns View
בום, Gavshushit 105 Bucks View
Haziza, Luka magic 105 Bucks View
King James, King James 95 Suns View
The dove, The Greek famliy 90 Bucks View
Hatilim, Erez magal 85 Celtics View
ההפתעה by Aviv Kaplan, Aviv Kaplan 80 Bucks View
Ein lachem musag, the Process- shital 70 76ers View
Y not us, Orgil 60 Suns View